Data Centre d'Enseignement

The Data Centre d'Enseignement is a pool of computing resources that have been financed by the Eurométropole de Metz, Region Grand Est, CentraleSupélec and its fondation, and the Conseil Départemental de Moselle.

This project was initiated with the motivation of providing students with high performances computing resources encompassing both CPU nodes and GPU nodes with high capabilities.

The Data Centre d'Enseignement is now mostly used for lab works on planned sessions or by the students to finish their lab works during timeslots different from the scheduled time slots. The current road map considers an extension of the DCE to be able to host projects, especially projects in artificial intelligence whose success is strongly dependent on the availability of GPU resources.

If you need support with the DCE, you can contact us at dce_support(arobase)

To cite the DCE :

J. Fix, S. Vialle, R. Hellequin, C. Mercier, P. Mercier, J.B. Tavernier (2022). Feedback from a data center for education at CentraleSupélec engineering school. EduPar-22: 12th NSF/TCPP Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Computing Education


The DCE has been built thanks to the support of :